Capture joins community members with professional film editors and musicians to create short films.

How do you interpret the idea of Transformation?

The Capture Theme is meant as a creative inspiration.

The Community Filmmakers who submitted video and the Capture Film Teams creating the final short films use this theme to guide their creative work.

Presenting Our 2016 Capture Filmmaking Project FILMS

Four short films from two film teams in Chattanooga and two film teams in Kansas City were produced for Capture 2016. Each film is created using video clips uploaded to a central server by community members from both cities. Capture is a community creative exhibition project, combining the power of video, collaboration, and sharing utilizing Gigabit connectivity. 

Capture 2016 Guest Film Juror

Patricia Zimmermann

Professor of Screen Studies, Ithaca College, NY

The Association for Visual Arts (AVA) presents Capture 2016 guest juror, Patricia Zimmermann. During her visit, Zimmermann will engage with the community through a variety of lectures, school visits, and presentations.

Zimmermann is a professor of Screen Studies in the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York, USA. She is also codirector of the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, a major international festival housed at Ithaca College. She has authored many books on the topics of film, documentary and public media, including Open Spaces - Openings, Closings and Thresholds of International Public Media, and Thinking Through The Digital - Transitional Environments and Locative Places.

She has delivered invited lectures and plenary addresses across the globe. Zimmermann also currently serves as a Film and New Media Envoy for the US State Department. 
Zimmermann’s unique experience and academic approach to filmmaking make her a valuable resource for Capture and, especially, a new education program surrounding the project. AVA has partnered with the film and TV production departments of both Howard and Signal Mountain High Schools to create their own Capture films. Zimmermann will speak to students from those programs at Chattanooga State on September 15.

Finally, during the Capture Premiere Screening on September 18 at 5:30pm at Cine-Rama, Zimmermann will choose and present the award for Best in Show.

Capture 2016 Events Photos

CHATTANOOGA 2016 Capture Student Film Projects

The Association For Visual Arts, producers of the Capture Filmmaking Project, partnered with Chattanooga State Technical Community College's Media Technologies Program, Howard High School, and Signal Mountain Middle High School for a special pilot student Capture Filmmaking Project. The project theme of 'Light & Shadow' was presented to the student film editing teams for them to collect student-submitted video clips and then produce completed short films. We look forward to expanding this educational aspect of the Capture project's scope.

Thanks to Terry Farriss - Media Instructor at Howard High School, Matt Doebler - Media Instructor at Signal Mountain Middle High School, and Chris Willis - Department Chair at Chattanooga State Media Technologies for their dedication and guidance in the project. 

Special Thanks to the Supporters of the Student Capture Project and Capture's Educational Outreach

WATCH THE 2015 Capture Films

Capture 2015 'Best In Show' Film - Awarded by Film Juror Mark Covino

Kyle Hamrick, Lead Editor

Music by Mark Buergler


Capture 2015 EPB People's Choice Award Selection 

Matthew Murr, Lead Editor

Damien Rogers, Editor

Christian Collier, Music


Andrew Shepherd, Lead Editor

Oliver J. Hughes, Music


Seán-Harrison Geer, Lead Editor

Cole Sweeton, Editor

Kip Bradley, Music


Our Capture Sponsors

Our Kansas City Partners 

'Best Single Shot' Award Winner

Robert Winslow, Chattanooga


Kansas City invited a third Capture editor/musician team that produced a city-specific work using the videos uploaded from the Kansas City community. Capture provides a unique opportunity for city organizational partnerships to have an artistic short film produced in this highly collaborative way. 

Alden Miller, Lead Editor

Mikhail Marchenko, Music